Why Do Puppies Hiccup? - Know the complete facts 

Like people, puppies can hiccup for innocuous reasons. Here are various puppy hiccup causes.   

1. Overeating or Eating Fast  

Hiccups can result from puppies gulping down their food too rapidly and air swallowing.

2. Excited or stressed  

Hiccups can occur when pups are enthusiastic or agitated, just like humans.

3. Temperature Alters  

Changing temperatures, such as from warm to cold, can cause hiccups in pups.

4. Drinking Too Much Water  

Like overeating, puppies can drink too much water too rapidly, causing hiccups from air ingestion.

5. Intestinal irritation  

Hiccups can also be caused by gastrointestinal tract discomfort, such as eating something that bugs their stomach.

6. Diaphragm spasms  

The respiratory diaphragm spasms spontaneously, causing hiccups. This can happen for many causes, including those listed.


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