Delicious Strawberry Sorbet Recipe – No Ice Cream Machine  Recipe

Strawberry Sorbet is a light, healthful dessert made with frozen strawberries, honey, and lime juice. You can prepare any fruit sorbet, but we prefer strawberry.  


– 16ozstrawberriesfresh or frozen – 2tablespoonshoneyoptional - or maple syrup – 1/4cupwarm wateror warm strawberry juice - as needed – 1limejuiced and zested⠀



For those who are using fresh strawberries, place them in a single layer on a tray and freeze them until they are fully firm. About two hours will be required for this.


Take the frozen strawberries and place them in the bowl of a food processor or a heavy-duty blender.


Blend the mixture until it is completely smooth. adding frozen strawberries to a blender using a blender


For the purpose of loosening the sorbet, add some warm water, and then use a spatula to press the fruit down to the bottom of the processor.


components for strawberry sorbet being mixed together When the mixture is smooth, add the honey, taste it, and add more honey if necessary. Combine the lemon zest and juice in a blender.


adding honey to sorbet made with strawberries The sorbet should be placed in a container that is safe for freezing and left there for one to two hours or overnight.


Serve and take pleasure in it! A loaf pan containing strawberry sorbet is shown in an above picture.


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