Best Amazing Spicy Cucumber Salad Recipe 

Its crisp crunch and spicy kick make Spicy Cucumber Salad the perfect side dish or appetiser.  


– 6Persian cucumberssliced – 1/2teaspoonsaltor to taste – 2clovesgarlicminced – 1tablespoonsoy sauce – 1tablespoonrice vinegar – 1teaspoonsesame oil – 1teaspoonchili oilor chili crunch – 1/4teaspoonchili powder – 1teaspoonsriracha sauce – 1/2teaspoonsugar – 1/2teaspoontoasted sesame seed – 1/4teaspoonKorean chili flakesor red pepper flake



After placing the sliced cucumbers and salt in a large dish, give them a small spin to combine the ingredients, and then let them to sit for ten minutes. 


At last, remove any liquid that might have been present in the container.


Cucumber slices put in a basin for inspection Add the other ingredients and gently whisk them in with your hand to ensure that they are thoroughly combined.


integrating a spicy sauce into the salad made with cucumbers The dish can be served immediately, or it can be covered and stored in the refrigerator for three to four days.


dish consisting of red pepper flakes and cucumbers that are steamed in boiling water


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