Why dogs dislike certain people but love others 

It is possible for dogs to have preferences when it comes to people, and there are a number of reasons why they could enjoy certain people more than others and why they might have these preferences.  

1. Body Language  

Dogs read energy and body language well. They may prefer calm, friendly people yet feel uneasy with tense, aggressive ones.

2. Previous Experiences  

Dogs remember positive and unpleasant encounters with people. If a dog had a bad experience, they may dread or attack similar-looking people.

3. Scent

Dogs have incredible senses of smell and can detect delicate scents. People who smell familiar or pleasant may attract them, whereas unfamiliar or disagreeable odors may repel them.

4. Voice, Tone  

Dogs may prefer quiet, soothing sounds. Harsh or loud voices may scare them.

5. Pose and gestures  

Dogs may perceive certain attitudes as dangerous or appealing. Slow, soft approaches may be seen as friendlier, while rapid moves or looming postures may evoke dread or defensiveness.

6. Consistency, routine  

Routine and consistency please dogs. Regular good contact with people who feed, play, or walk them may make them more comfortable.

7. Breed traits and socialization 

The breed and socialization of a dog might also affect their preferences. Some breeds are naturally more friendly, while others are more shy around strangers.

8. Natural Behavior  

Finally, dogs have ancestor-inherited instincts. These habits can affect their reactions to certain people based on minor clues that trigger their impulses to approach or avoid threats.


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