What To Do When Your Dog Breaks Their Nail

Listed below are some of the actions you can do to assist your dog in the event that they break a nail  

1. Damage Assessment  

Determine the nail break's severity. Minor breaks with little bleeding may be manageable at home. Contact a vet immediately if the nail is completely ripped or bleeding heavily.

2. Manage Bleeding  

Pressure with a clean towel or gauze pad stops bleeding. Styptic powder or cornstarch can clot blood. Keep pressure on for a few minutes to halt bleeding.

3. Wound Cleanup  

Use saline or water to gently clean the nail area. Hydrogen peroxide and alcohol can irritate wounds.

4. Extra Nail Trim  

If the nail is hanging off and bothering your dog, clip it. Trim loose or jagged edges with pet nail clippers. Do not cut the quick, the sensitive nail tissue.

5. Antiseptic Use  

Application of antiseptic after wound cleaning prevents infection. Your veterinarian may recommend a mild antiseptic.

6. Watch for Infection  

Check the nail and surrounding area for infection symptoms like swelling, redness, discharge, or pain in your dog. If these symptoms occur, call your vet.

7. Restrain Injury  

Do not let your dog lick or chew the wounded nail. An Elizabethan collar (cone) may help avoid wound irritation.

8. Ask a vet  

Consult your vet if your dog's nail is severe or broken. They can advise on nail trimming and give painkillers and infection prevention.


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