What Causes Excessive Shedding In Dogs? 

The excessive shedding of dogs can be attributed to a number of different circumstances.  

1. Seasons Change  

Spring and fall are when dogs shed their winter and summer coats, so they shed more.

2. Breed  

Some breeds shed more than others. Due to their double coats, Huskies, Retrievers, and German Shepherds shed more.

3. Poor Diet  

Lack of key nutrients in a dog's diet can cause unhealthy skin and coat and excessive shedding. Keep your dog's diet balanced and vitamin-rich.

4. Allergies  

Skin discomfort and increased shedding can result from dog allergies to pollen, dust, or diet additives.

5. Parasites  

Fleas, ticks, and mites can cause skin discomfort and excessive shedding when dogs scratch and bite.

6. Stress  

Stress and anxiety can harm a dog's health and coat. Stress-induced shedding might result from routine changes, moving, or adding a pet or family member.

7. Health Issues  

Heavy shedding can be caused by hormonal abnormalities, infections, or skin illnesses like mange. Veterinary consultation is essential for diagnosing and treating health issues.

8. Grooming or Overbathing  

Bathing a dog too often or using strong shampoos will dry out and shed their skin. Brushing or grooming too much might irritate the skin and cause shedding.


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