The 6 Best Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients to Add to Your Salad, According to Research

Pomegranate Seed

Pomegranates were grown and valued by ancient Mesopotamians for their health advantages. Arils, or seeds, are fantastic for salads. 

Olive Oil

The Mediterranean diet is famous for olive oil, and rightly so. Olive oil has been examined extensively due of its nutritional value. Scientists detected oleocanthal and other anti-inflammatory chemicals in olive oil.

Fatty Fish

Not surprisingly, fish is healthy. Fatty fish like tuna, mackerel, and salmon lessen inflammation.

Black Beans

Black beans bring fiber and anti-inflammatory benefits to salads. Black beans provide plant-based protein for vegetarians. They contain antioxidant polyphenols.


You may know nuts are healthy. They enhance salads for numerous reasons. They contain protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals and are shelf-stable. 


A salad with leafy greens is nutritious, but adding red or green cabbage boosts its anti-inflammatory properties. Carotenoids in cabbage help the body fight free radicals.

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