Garlic Soy Chicken Marinade Recipe

The best chicken marinade! This simple marinade recipe tastes great on chicken, beef, pork, and fish!


– ½ cup avocado oil – ½ cup liquid aminos or soy sauce – 3 Tbsp rice vinegar – 2 Tbsp pure maple syrup – 5 cloves garlic – 1 tsp dried paprika – 1 tsp dried oregano – ½ tsp black pepper


Blend all marinade ingredients in a Magic Bullet or Nutri Bullet until smooth and garlic is blended. 

Step 1

The marinade can be used immediately or stored in an airtight container or jar. Store this versatile marinade for two weeks.

Step 2

Pour marinade over your meat in a large zip lock bag or sealable container. Seal and swish the bag until the meat is marinated.

Step 3

Chicken, beef, and pork should be marinated for 1-2 hours (up to 24 hours) and fish for 15 minutes. 

Step 4

Start cooking the meat on the outdoor grill, oven, or air fryer. Instructions for baking different chicken cuts.

Step 5

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