Food Plan To Help You Lose Weight For Both

Your diet must be low-carb and high-fiber. Weekly fruit and vegetable consumption is the diet's major focus. This diet gives non-vegetarians meat and vegetarians brown rice. This diet can reduce weight dramatically. Talk to your doctor before starting this diet.

Take as many fruits as possible day one. Watermelon and muskmelon should be eaten more for their fibre. Apples, papaya, and oranges are choices. Drink 8-12 glasses of water to avoid hunger all day. When hungry, eat fruit. Fruits satisfy hunger without calories due to their fibre and low fat content.

Day 1

You started with fruits; now eat vegetables. Oil is high in calories, therefore avoid it when cooking. If needed, add olive oil or butter for flavour. Try not to eat fried or chipped potatoes. Eat vegetables whenever you're hungry.

Day 2

You must eat fruits and vegetables on day 3. First-two-day fruits and vegetables can be kept. Avoiding bananas and potatoes helps. From day three, your body will adjust to this diet. Fruits will increase the taste after eating vegetables all day.

Day 3

Banana pectin improves digestion. They also deliver fast energy for all-day use. You can eat 8 small bananas today. Consume snacks and meals separately. One glass of milk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Soup can replace milk too.

Day 4

You can eat brown rice today. Vegetarians can have brown rice for lunch, but use little oil. Non-vegetarians can choose lean protein milk like fish, chicken breast, or skinless chicken with six tomatoes.

Day 5

Uncooked or cooked veggies are added on Day 6. Steamed or boiled vegetables and a well-dressed salad are needed. Variety of vegetables gives fibre. Avoid potatoes, grapes, and sweet potatoes today. Nonvegetarians can consume 500g skinless chicken and veggies without tomato.

Day 6

Last-day meal is brown rice and cooked veggies. Sugarless fruit juice after meals hydrates and enhances vegetables. Rice fuels you, vegetables nourish you, and fruit juices clean you. Give up potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Day 7

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