Crepe Stuffed New York Cheesecake Recipe 

Buttery, ricotta chocolate chip-stuffed crepes baked into a NY cheesecake are amazing.  


For crepes - makes 9 crepes when using a 12 inch pan – 1cupall-purpose flour – 2tablespoonsugar – 1/4teaspoonsalt – 1 1/2cupswhole milk – 4large egg – 3tablespoonsunsalted buttermelted – 1teaspoonsvanilla extract or 1 vanilla beanhalved and seeds removed – butter - to coat the pan between making each crepe Ricotta crepe filling: – 1 1/2cupricotta cheese – 3tablespoonssugar – 1egg – 1tablespoonflour – 1/2cupchocolate chip New york cheesecake filling: – 2packagescream cheese8oz. package size – 3/4cupwhite sugar – 1/3cupwhole milk – 2egg – 1/2cupsour cream – 1/2cupall-purpose flour – 1teaspoonsvanilla extract or 1 vanilla beanhalved and seeds removed Assemble and garnish: – baking spray – 6ouncesdark chocolatechopped – 1lb.fresh raspberrie – powdered sugar



Slowly combine eggs, milk, and butter. Blend by hand. Stir well as you add sugar, salt, vanilla bean seeds, and flour cup by cup. Let batter sit at room temperature 15-20 minutes.  


Over low-medium heat, coat a 12-inch non-stick pan with less than half a tablespoon of butter.In the pan's center, swirl 1/3 cup crepe batter. Cook the crepe for 1 minute to loosen the edges.  


Slip the crepe edges from the pan with a rubber spatula, flip it with your fingertips, and cook for another minute till slightly golden brown.  


Place crepes on plates. Maintain crepe production and plating. Butter the pan as needed.After cooking and cooling, wrap crepes in a kitchen towel to avoid drying.


Mix ricotta, egg, sugar, and flour in a medium bowl using a fork. Add chocolate chips after mixing. Set aside.Cream cheese and sugar with wire mixer. Mix milk and eggs one at a time.   


Stop and scrape bowl sides and bottom with rubber spatula. Combined flour, sour cream, and vanilla bean seeds.Preheat oven to 350F.Spray an 8-inch springform pan with baking spray. Crust is two crepes in the bowl bottom and three on the edges.  


NY cheesecake in half crepe crust.Apply 1/4 ricotta chocolate chip mixture to half a crepe a few inches from the front. Tube it carefully and set on cheesecake. Use the remaining 3 crepes.  


Fill crepes with remaining NY Cheesecake. Bake for 1 hour in preheated oven. Turn off oven and let cake cool in closed door for 4-5 hours to avoid cracking. Chocolate conceals cake cracks.  


To level the crust, trim the burned crepe borders on the pan after removing the cake from the oven. Keep the cake in the pan.  


Add fresh raspberries and chill for 4–5 hours or overnight. Before serving, dust powdered sugar on the cake and remove from the springform pan.  


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