Air Fryer Grilled Cheese With Tomato Sandwiches Recipe

Many have always preferred grilled cheese sandwiches for comfort. Air fryers are so popular that a new tasty version is the Air Fryer Grilled Cheese With Tomato. 

– 4 slices thicker sandwich bread – 2 tablespoon butter  – 4 slices Cheddar or American cheese  – 6-8 slices tomato



Spread out. Spread butter on one side of each slice of bread. The buttered side of the bread slices should be lowered. 

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On each of the two slices, place one slice of cheese and then add three to four tomato slices. 

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In order to make sandwiches, place the remaining slices of bread that have been buttered on top. 

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In the air fryer basket, place both sandwiches. Air fry at 370ºF for 8-10 minutes, flipping halfway. 

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A dash of hot sauce can give the sandwich a spicy kick for people who enjoy a little heat. 

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Either blend the hot sauce into the cheese before it melts in the air fryer, or drizzle it over the sandwich once it's put together.

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To make sandwiches, place the remaining slices of buttered bread on top. When the tops begin to brown, they are done.

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