6 Three-Step Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast Recipe

Egg, Spinach & Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich 

Fill up on this speedy egg, spinach, and cheddar breakfast sandwich. It's fast and you may already have the ingredients, so you can bypass the store before your hectic workday. 

Anti-Inflammatory Lemon-Blueberry Smoothie 

This colorful, lemony smoothie has anti-inflammatory antioxidants from kale, hemp seeds, and green tea. If baby kale is unavailable, baby spinach will work. Banana sweetness comes naturally.  

Easy Sheet-Pan Eggs with Mushrooms & Spinach 

When serving a crowd for breakfast or brunch, try these simple sheet-pan eggs. Mushrooms provide taste and spinach adds color. You may also make these eggs for meal prep breakfast.

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats 

Carrot cake for breakfast? We agree! With a frosting-like layer, these carrot cake overnight oats taste like the classic treat with less sugar. 

Air-Fryer Spinach-Pepper Egg Bites 

You can cook a veggie-packed breakfast in 10 minutes. We use spinach and bell pepper, but you may also use sausage and mushroom.

Chickpea & Kale Toast 

This healthy toast recipe combines chickpeas, kale and feta for a savory bite. 

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