6 Anti-Inflammatory Soup Recipes to Make This Fall

Green Curry Soup 

Spinach, mushrooms, green beans, and broccoli stems (keep the florets) fill this fragrant green curry soup. The soup's broth is lightly spicy from green curry paste. 

Rainbow Minestrone 

This veggie-packed minestrone has squash, kale, and bell peppers for color and minerals. Grated Parmesan or pesto adds taste.

Chicken & Kale Soup 

Easy chicken and kale soup will comfort you on a cold, wet day or any day that calls for a substantial soup. This soup can be made using frozen kale without thawing for convenience.

Spinach Soup with Rosemary & Garlic 

This healthful spinach soup includes a slight trace of rosemary's powerful taste. You can use other seasonal greens instead of spinach.

Slow-Cooker Turkey & Kale Minestrone Soup 

Choose hot or mild Italian sausage to adjust the dish's heat. For more heat, add red pepper. If desired, serve slow-cooker minestrone with crusty bread.

Siraegi Guk (Radish-Top Soup) 

Instead of dried radish greens, chef Dennis Lee of California's Namu Stonepot restaurants uses fresh ones in this rustic soup.

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