5 Simple tips to rescuing stray dogs  

Stray dog rescue is satisfying and kind. Here are five easy ways to rescue stray dogs:  

1. Approach Carefully  

Approach fearful or defensive stray dogs cautiously and calmly. To develop trust, speak calmly and avoid rapid gestures. Prioritize your safety.

2. Use Food Bait  

You can attract stray dogs with food. Bring dog biscuits or moist dog food to get the dog closer. A pleasant association can make capturing the dog simpler.

3. Slip Lead or Leash  

When the dog is close, carefully tie a leash or slip lead around its neck. Some dogs are shy or afraid of being restrained, so be kind. Avoid chasing or forcing the dog, which might aggravate the situation.

4. Verify Identification  

Check for ID tags and a collar after capturing the dog. Contact the owner if the dog is identified. If not, check the dog for a microchip at a shelter or clinic.

5. Protect and Shelter  

Give the stray dog food, water, and shelter after saving it. If feasible, take the dog to the vet for a checkup and shots. Foster the dog or locate a good rescue group to help it find a home.


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